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“It is already clear that COVID-19 will have long-lasting consequences on the way we live and work in the future.” “As viruses do not care about national borders, the EU needs the means to support the member states. It remains to be seen whether we have learned our lessons, including the need for better cooperation.” The audit compendium includes summaries of a sample of 17 audit activities carried out by the SAIs of Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and ECA itself and covers five priority areas, public health, digitalisation, socio-economic response, public finances and risks, and the general response at different levels of government. Each summary gives context and reasons for the audit activity, as well as some principal findings and conclusions. Altogether 48 audits related to COVID-19 were completed in 2020 by the above SAIs and more than 200 other audit activities are still ongoing or planned for the coming months. Whether other SAIs also have carried out audits related to the crisis is not clear from the audit compendium. However, according to ECA’s activity report last year, ECA had already published an Audit Compendium on how auditors across the EU scrutinise public health. To what extent did the SAIs audit this sector, including hospital preparedness, before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis? “A number of national auditors regularly carry out audits on hospitals,” ECA replied then. “The compendium presents some examples in this regard. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public health has obviously become an even more important subject for external audit in Europe. Currently, EU SAIs are having an ongoing exchange on COVID-related work, including possible audit-related collaborations.” There are clear benefits of audit cooperation between SAIs. According to a guide on collaborative audits, drafted by the international organisation of SAIs (INTOSAI), such audits help them to identify solutions to common problems and to pilot new methods. They enhance their capacity and enable the participating SAIs to learn good audit practice. Did ECA initiate cooperation during the crisis between the SAIs in the EU member states, for example in the form of parallel audits (a project by a number of SAIs on the see this page same audit topic, with a shared audit approach but resulting in separate national reports)? “The Compendium is the result of the first EU Network Audit,” ECA President Lehne replied. “It’s a new form of audit cooperation among EU SAIs that focuses on strategically selected policy areas over a certain period of time, or on exceptional events which are having or are highly likely to have a significant impact on our societies.” “The great advantage of the EU Network Audit is that it allows for more flexible coordination among participants than rather traditional formats such as parallel audits, meaning in turn that they can focus better on specific (national) situations and needs. Given the disruption the pandemic has caused and its foreseeable mid- to long-term impact on the EU and its member states, the pandemic lent itself as an obvious theme for this new type of cooperation.” He added that the ECA is in regular contact with EU SAIs, but also worldwide, to discuss and exchange on the exigencies of this extraordinary situation, audit approaches, findings and recommendations as well as best practices, be it on the audit or the administrative side. Are there examples of audits carried out in real time as events were unfolding, lockdowns imposed and emergency measures put into place? “As the SAIs of the member states and the ECA have quickly undertaken many audit and monitoring activities, most of them can be considered as ‘real-time’ audits carried out while the situation and the events were unfolding,” the auditors replied. “The term ‘real-time audit’ is not referring to a standard type of audit and only some SAIs have developed specific approaches in this regard.“ It seems impossible to summarize the main common conclusions of the audits in audit compendium and anyone interested of the work of the SAIs will have to read the report which includes an annex of all activities by ECA and the SAIs concerned.


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Perenco platform ship collision HSE warning after near collision between ship and Perenco North Sea platform The HSE has issued a warning after an emergency stop prevented a collision between an offshore supply ship and a Perenco platform in the North Sea. 21/07/2021, 12:55 pm Updated: 22/07/2021, 10:24 am Register here for the Energy Voice daily newsletter, bringing you key news and insight from across the global energy landscape. Thank you for signing up to our newsletter. Something went wrong - please try again later. The HSE has issued a warning after an emergency stop prevented a collision between an offshore supply ship and a Perenco platform in the North Sea. Wagenborg Offshore, based in the Netherlands, has been dealt an improvement notice after the incident at the Leman 27B installation on May 10. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the safety of those on board the platform and the Keizersborg support ship was put at risk after the vessel was put into an uncontrolled drift. Around 150metres from the Perenco platform, “emergency action” was taken to stop the ship, but inspectors said rate of drift and “the resulting collision energy could have prejudiced the integrity of the installation”. They added that there would not been enough time to safely evacuate workers on board. Inspectors said the vessel had incorrectly been placed on a “drift-on” position while awaiting standby orders, and that the power management system configured so that a single point failure could lead to a blackout and loss of control. A single point failure was then realised when the emergency stop of one of the engines had been “inadvertently activated”. A Wagenborg Offshore spokesperson said: “The incident has been investigated by an independent company and lessons learned are implemented accordingly. “Wagenborg is in contact with the HSE to ensure proper close out of the improvement notice.” The company has been given until September 11 to comply with the notice. Perenco is currently carrying out the Southern Hub Asset Rationalisation Project ( Sharp ) to extend the life of the Leman and Inde fields in the Southern North Sea. A converted facility with a new jack-up rig facility could mean a “modest increase” in production from the Leman hub, which lies 30miles from Great Yarmouth.